Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Style paparazzi five

This week you're getting two for the price of one, mostly because I couldn't possibly choose between either of these gorgeous coats. The camel coat has been around for a while now but I still love the way it can transform a pretty casual outfit almost instantly. I'm really keen on the double breasted number on the first girl and have taken a shine to her tartan scarf too! 

What's inspiring you this week?


  1. My coat this winter is a similar colour and although it's nowhere near as smart, I completely love it.
    I love the one on the left so so much.

    Rosie x

  2. I'm jealous, I was on the lookout for one but settled on a navy one with fur collar xx

  3. hmmmmmm I like the one on the right!

    Its simple and chic!

    and Jenny Lewis is my inspiration this week!!

  4. I am a similar coat from New Look!

    come follow me at

  5. I love the colour of those coats, I wish I could find a coat like those! I tend to wear black coats, I find coats the hardest item to buy!

    Katie. x

  6. i've been looking for a camel coat all winter! Never found one though, but hayho hopefully i wont need a coat much longer :-)