Monday, 7 February 2011

How many humps?

My mind has been a little preoccupied with everything camel recently, I'm coveting every item in said colour. However, my search for the perfect camel coat... well jacket... is now over. 

This little beauty was hiding in my local charity shop and was even in their high price sale, have you heard of such a thing! So it's all mine for a bargainous five pounds. I'm so happy. [Apologies for the crappy iphone pics]

It was a very successful shopping trip all round, as I managed to pick up all these goodies too all for the grand sum of three pounds. ! 

Cream crochet knit jumper, not too dissimilar to the recent topshop version seen here

Some beautiful gold picture frames to add to my collection along with a vintage perfume bottle. I've always loved that little pump! 

Have you had any good charity shop bargains recently?


  1. These are such great buys! I rarely find anything decent in charity shops...or maybe I'm just not looking enough ^.^

  2. tu perfume es muy vintage!
    me gusta :)
    un beso!

  3. Wow! You're so lucky that jacket is amazing! Good find


  4. I love Camel colours!! Great jacket!

  5. That jacket is beautiful! Funny because I've bought two recently very similar! x

  6. Great finds! Love the jacket

    btw, you look super pretty in your display picture! Great blog xx