Sunday, 18 April 2010

A new baby

Ok, don't worry I'm not pregnant. I'm just eagerly awaiting a new little arrival to my wardrobe. As it's my birthday soon, I decided to drop some hints about what I wanted and I think my mum has come up trumps. I've wanted a vintage looking satchel for ages, but just haven't managed to find one I like that's been in my price range. Yes, that rules out the Mulberry Alexa. Sigh. 
However, I think my life will nearly be complete when this little baby gets opened on my day of birth. Only another two weeks to go. Grr. 

This bag will be great for lugging around all my stuff for work and then onto the pub after. Plus, it will go with everything!

Don't you agree. Perfect. 

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thrush Metal

Some of you might remember me posting about my new role as a contributor for a new fashion and music blog FASHBASHSOUNDCLASH, and today I decided that I might post my articles here for you guys to read as well.

Here's this week's post:

These days it's just not enough to have on job title on your CV. We've seen model turned designer, model turned actress - but what about Model turned Rock Chick? Well look no further than Alice Dellal. The 21 year old model has added another string to her bow and has teamed up with some of her fashionable mates and started an all-girl rock band. We knew she wasn't just a pretty face.

Dellal is infamous for her punky, rock look with black leather, partially shaved head and Dr. Marten boots, so it was only a matter of time before she hit the rock music scene.

The girls have settled on the name Thrush Metal, and have rumoured to be inspired by James Jagger's band Turbogeist. 

The other Thrush Metal members include  Isabella Ramsey, niece of the Earl of Dalhousie, and fellow models Emma Chitty and Laura Fraser.  

A source says: “Alice has rallied pals together, and they’re all keen to make the music work. They’ve been rehearsing and it shouldn’t be long before they get a demo together and start touring.”

However their recent gigs have only been by Facebook invitation only - so I guess they're not ready to hit the world stage just yet. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Chanel Rocks

I found this a while ago and forgot to share. Ooops.
Isn't it just the perfect musical companion - how awesome is Pharrell's Chanel guitar. Shiny and black with the infamous chanel linked C logo I'm definitely  turning green with envy. Who care's that I can't play a tune on the thing!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Lazy Bank Holiday

Hope you all had a nice long Easter weekend and have scoffed lots of chocolate. I went to visit a friend and was treated to some yummy hot cross buns. Yum.

It was lovely to get away from home for a few days but it has left me wanting to go on more spontaneous adventures. I can't wait for her to pass her driving test and then we can go on lots of road trips together :)

I went to see Kick Ass at the cinema on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised with the unusual storyline. Definitely not what I was expecting but I would really recommend you go and see it... even if it's only for the delightful Aaron Johnson.

I've spent the rest of the bank holiday Monday lazing around in my pj's, eating chocolate and watching a young Lohan in the Parent Trap.

Now that the evenings are brighter.. and my fingers are crossed for warmer temperatures... it's got me craving a camping trip. I like the freedom of being out in the open and snuggling in a tent when it's colder. Nights spent sat around a fire and the days spent exploring. Bliss.