Friday, 4 June 2010

The sun's got his hat on

Wow, absolutely loving the British weather at the moment! I'm even braving bare legs- that's right the milk bottles are out in full swing!
However, all this good weather is not making working in an office any easier. The team have resorted to working on the roof terrace in the afternoon. All we need now is the beer!

Things are starting to slow down a bit now, finally getting into the swing of working full time and not having to work weekends anymore. Which of course means afternoons spent sunbathing and evenings spent in beer gardens - fingers crossed the weather stays!

I've been helping on a few magazine projects for the past few weeks, so expect a post dedicated to that soon. Oh, and in other news, I awoke yesterday to greet a cheery postman at my door with a special present in his hand. I'd already received my subscription copy of ELLE so wondered what that magazine shaped package could be? Inside there was a letter telling me I had won a limited edition copy of the May issue illustrated by Garance Dore. I was so chuffed, I didn't even remember entering!

So what's cheered you up this week? Oh and here's the cover in all it's glory. Enjoy the sun!