Sunday, 18 April 2010

A new baby

Ok, don't worry I'm not pregnant. I'm just eagerly awaiting a new little arrival to my wardrobe. As it's my birthday soon, I decided to drop some hints about what I wanted and I think my mum has come up trumps. I've wanted a vintage looking satchel for ages, but just haven't managed to find one I like that's been in my price range. Yes, that rules out the Mulberry Alexa. Sigh. 
However, I think my life will nearly be complete when this little baby gets opened on my day of birth. Only another two weeks to go. Grr. 

This bag will be great for lugging around all my stuff for work and then onto the pub after. Plus, it will go with everything!

Don't you agree. Perfect. 


  1. ooh that is lovely! Very envious :D x

  2. where is it from? it's gorgeous x

  3. its very nice
    I want it
    Rianna xxxxx

  4. wow, super pretty! And happy Birthday in advance too!

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