Monday, 5 April 2010

Lazy Bank Holiday

Hope you all had a nice long Easter weekend and have scoffed lots of chocolate. I went to visit a friend and was treated to some yummy hot cross buns. Yum.

It was lovely to get away from home for a few days but it has left me wanting to go on more spontaneous adventures. I can't wait for her to pass her driving test and then we can go on lots of road trips together :)

I went to see Kick Ass at the cinema on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised with the unusual storyline. Definitely not what I was expecting but I would really recommend you go and see it... even if it's only for the delightful Aaron Johnson.

I've spent the rest of the bank holiday Monday lazing around in my pj's, eating chocolate and watching a young Lohan in the Parent Trap.

Now that the evenings are brighter.. and my fingers are crossed for warmer temperatures... it's got me craving a camping trip. I like the freedom of being out in the open and snuggling in a tent when it's colder. Nights spent sat around a fire and the days spent exploring. Bliss.


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