Thursday, 25 March 2010

Busy little bee

Man, these past few weeks have been hectic. I've not been as active on the old blog as I would have liked but I've been bogged down with lots of exciting projects - so this is a long post ha. 

First off I've started a new internship - a PAID one. Yep after months of being a glorified slave some silly beggar  has decided to start paying me ha. It's for a high fashion e-commerce site and I basically get to stare at lots of stuff I can't afford. Nice

Like these....

OPENING CEREMONY - Leopard multi-strap flat sandal

 £ 239.00

OPENING CEREMONY - Suede lace-up wedge sandals

Price : £ 275.00

I've also been busy with the new issue of Cellardoor. You can read the Spring Fling issue here

It's a corker ha. 

P.s I've also just started contributing to Foam Magazine's Street Style section which you can see here

Phew that was a long one ha.


  1. well done hello payslip!

    new issue looks loverly :)


  2. congratulations!!!!! the mag looks so pretty!

  3. wow love those second shoes and big congrats about the internship sounds awesome!

  4. love love the Opening Ceremony shoes, such pretty shades! You have a really great blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow us if you fancy.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend xxx

  5. congratulations on all the new jobs :)
    i'm not on here often but i've always been fond of your blog,
    so following you on tumblr and twitter if that's cool.
    love xo