Tuesday, 11 January 2011

style paparazzi two

So this marks my second street style post. As I said in the last one, my folder is full to the brim so it was hard to pick which one to share next. However,  this colour popping blazer calling out at me and I couldn't resist this girl. This is such a simple outfit with dark denim shorts and white shirt combo which only makes the jacket shine out that little bit more. 
My favourite colour is green (maybe it's something to do with the fact it's the meaning of my name?) and it also happens to be the colour of envy, something I definitely have after seeing this girl. 

Just look at that perfect red pout, effortlessly placed trilby and not to mention that hunk of a designer bag on her arm. 

What's inspiring you this week?

P.s I've had all theses images on my laptop for so long, and their birthplaces are but a distant memory. So, if they happen to be yours, just let me know and I'll pop a credit on. 


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