Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Style paparazzi three

It's that time of the week again, so I've dug deep into my folder of inspiration and pulled out this cracker. I'm a sucker for a chunky knit, especially when it's this lovely cranberry colour. I really like the textures of the the leather shorts, with the knit and finished off with some wedge booties. [These are my saviour. I love a high heel, but sadly cannot walk in them! ] I've just bought some leather shorts, so can't wait to pair them with a cosy jumper for the daytime. I also love how this girl has cinched her cardigan in with a belt with a cute bow. 

What's been inspiring you this week?


  1. what a lovely outfit!



  2. Love her jacket, the colour is gorgeous. I like your style paparazzi posts x

  3. Love the chunky knit and the cranberry colour is gorgeous.

  4. love your blog ! glad to have faound it :D

    now following <3

    xx, wiu


  5. oh, she looks lovely! great deep cherry colour xx

  6. aww this is very Prada. Shes done it very well! Its quite simple, i think id struggle but it looks far better than what I would style! The leather shorts question has been bugging me recently, are they the new acceptable denim? cos they were new and big last year and i didnt buy them because i thought theyd fade but hey maybe they wont and i should just do it and buy them! x

  7. Ooh, so effortlessly stylish; love it when you can look that good AND still be warm. Leather shorts are brilliant (really must get some!), they really liven up the whole thing.

    Great blog, by the way. Can't not follow! x

  8. I love this look and I might have to try and recreate it!