Sunday, 12 December 2010


After seeing that silly facebook game where everyone changed their profile picture to an image of their favourite childhood television character, it got me thinking back to who mine would be. 

I was a bit of a TV junkie and would watch pretty much anything that was on, but usually favouring a bit of Nickelodeon - Rugrats, Sister Sister or Aaaargh Real Monsters anyone?

However, one programme that really got me excited was the Moomins. Those strange hippo like animals - what even were they - used to have me fixed to the box. I even had numerous videos and a mug to match. 

What was yours?


  1. ha! Loved them too so funny seeing it again! I think mines would def be the rugrats or maybe the chipmunks, best opening song ever!

  2. I LOVE the Moomins so much! I have a moomins wallet that gets so much attention!

  3. I LOVED the Moomins, they were brilliant! I also loved Babar. So much. x

  4. I didn't even realise what that cartoon thing was for but i did end up changing my profile picture to the Moomins! I loved that show :)

  5. oh this is cute. :)
    wonderful blog here.