Wednesday, 1 July 2009

You are my sunshine

Gosh isn't the weather lovely. I've had such a busy weekend and this week looks set to be even busier. Saturday was moving day, so I'm officially no longer a Southampton resident- and I'm already missing it. Sunday saw me on the Pyramid stage at Glasto rocking to Status Quo. It was such a lovely day- the sun shine was shining and we managed to bump into VV brown and Bat for Lashes. So all in all a smashing weekend. But now I'm sat here writing this in my old tiny bedroom surrounded by all my boxes and only my copies of Nylon and Elle to keep me company. Just got back from London and having to sit on the tube where it's 38 degrees inside the carriage is not fun. BUT The weather is glorious and the week looks set to be a scorcher. So get out there in the sunshine and enjoy it- I will be.
oh and to finish it off. Here are some lovely shoes designed by Peter Blake and Stella McCartney. So cute and perfect for those summer evenings.


  1. I just got back from London, the tubes are craziness! The heat, man, one of our friends fainted. Very funny, although it probably shouldn't have been. Good luck unpacking!

  2. reason why im so glad to be out of london for the summer - the tube is disgusting! but the weather is beautiful, how can people complain its too hot?! its NEVER hot here!


  3. The print on those shoes is so sweet. It reminds me of The Care Bears lol.

  4. I like your pictures.
    It's not like those bloggers I've been followed before.
    yours are not fashion but some like arts, and I love it. :)

  5. Those shoes are absolutely adorable! Love Stella's cloud prints.