Friday, 10 July 2009


I want these jeans please. 
Now I'm back home I've come to realise how many clothes I actually own. When I was at Uni I had 2 wardrobes full and still had more overflowing. So I'm in my little bedroom again it's time I got rid of the things I never wear anymore, or have never worn which seems to be the case with a few items. 
I'm using my Ebay account for the power of good, instead of draining my finances on things i probably don't need, and I'm starting to sell my stuff on there.
You can check out all my items here 


  1. I love those jeans and you sound like me, i have far to many clothes, i just got rid of a load on ebay but my wardrobe is magically full again now...thanks for following my blog, i'm kinda new to all of this. I think yours is fab too :)

    Yep i am going to Solent =) I can't wait! Was it a good course, did you enjoy it?

    Stacey xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about moving home from uni and suddenly having more clothes than one knows what to do with. The collision of my two already overstuffed wardrobes has resulted in an explosion and every surface of my tiny bedroom is now covered in some garment or another!

    This doesn't stop me lusting over (and buying!) new things, and I absolutely love those jeans...


  3. thanks for the comments girls, glad to see i'm not on my own on this one. My mum begs to differ however. No one can own that many white tops she screams. oh well.

    and be sure to keep checking my ebay listings as I'll be adding new items all the time.

  4. Clothing sale on ebay? What a fab idea! I should probably follow suit. I have a ton of designer clothes that I don't wear anymore (don't fit or I didn't know what I was thinking at the time, lol).
    And I agree those jeans are amazing. :)

  5. You should Jennifer, it's a great way to make room for more clothes :)