Friday, 22 May 2009

Shake that asssss

Feast your eyes on the latest offering from American Apparel, the "Sheer Luxe Cut-Out Pantyhouse".  I spied these fabulous tights on the coming soon section of the website, but what are your thoughts on the huge amount of butt cheek on show?


  1. I don't like them, a little too intense for me :)

  2. Im wondering as to why the point of the whole wide open scenario is? Its not like you would wear these under a dress or anything would you? hello wind.

  3. I'm SO confused about this, props to AA being stadard risque (I got an A in my media coursework about their rep of women!) but these just aren't practical in any way, like, I can't understand the point. Unless they are like, lingerie, but then, still...? :/ Oh dear.
    You had 1 follower last time I visited your blog, now you're on 7! I only have 9 myself and I've blogged for like, 4 months I think? ah well. I like your short posts, they're to the point! I will add you to my follow list now :)
    Kate ♥

  4. haha love it!!