Saturday, 30 May 2009

Lazy Summer Afternoons

Thank you so much to my 11 followers....crazy. Much love to you girls. 
I'm enjoying a very unusual weekend off work, can't believe my luck.  The sun is shining and have enjoyed a nice nap in the park with an ice cream and the boyfriend. I need to find someone who's having a BBQ to finish off the perfect afternoon. 
Currently listening to Empire of the Sun and Golden Silvers so go check them out. 
P.s I've changed my header let me know what you all think


  1. Your header is great dear. I especially like the mask, my birthdays on thursday and im going out with the girls and that gave me a great idea. Im going to get the girls to all wear a black one and I wear a different colour (one that works best with my dress of course)

  2. love the new header &thanks for following me:) xx