Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Style Paparazzi Twenty One

Ever since I saw that candy coloured Spring/Summer Mulberry campaign, I've been coveting Spring and it's gorgeous pastel palette like nobody's business... I'm drawn to everything from peppermint green to lemon sorbet. (Sounds sickly - but I assure it's not!)

These three girls caught my eye immediately. That fresh minty green hue is right up my street. Whether you team it with neutral basics a la girl one or with trusty denims a la girl three, you're guaranteed a winner of a look. Sweet dreams!

What's inspiring you this week?


  1. I love this colour so much! beautiful outfits xxx

  2. I'm loving mint! Such a fun fresh color for spring <3 hautepinkpretty.com

  3. lovely outfits especially the first one!However, I'm craving the birkin bag of the last picture ;)

    I love peppermint green!I think it looks girly,fresh and chic!keep up the good work!I'm following you!
    kisses from Greece