Monday, 13 February 2012

Three's company

I've been an avid reader of Company magazine for a long time, probably long before I should have. I first read it for the grown up articles, seeing as I slowly grew out of the cringe stories from Mizz and the school disco make up tips from Bliss. Other than Ellegirl (RIP!) there wasn't anything else out there satisfied my urge for a good magazine, and all my copies sit proudly amongst the other hoards of mags I have managed to accumulate over the years. 

Last month saw them launch their new redesign, and after getting over the shock of it shrinking in size (I like something to hold on to!) I have to say I'm loving it... from the fresh new feel right down to the new textured paper. And when the March issue was posted through my letterbox  last week it brightened up even the coldest evening. That bright pop of turquoise had me dreaming of my new spring wardrobe!

Are you a Company reader.... what do you think of the new re-design? 


  1. I got a Company supscription as part of a Christmas gift, I love it! The new design is so pretty and practical too, I prefer smaller 'pocket sized' ones, they're much easier to carry around. I like the recycled feel of the paper too :) xx

  2. I love the re design!! Need to get my hands on the latest issue :) x