Sunday, 15 May 2011

Going for the Chop

I've been toying with the idea of cutting all my hair off for a while. The lure of the chop always seems to rear it's head towards the summer months, but it takes so long to grow I always end up changing my mind. However I'm feeling a little bit braver and after a lot of hair inspiration I'm loving the 'Lob'. What the hell.. you may be crying, but the lob is just short for a 'Long Bob'... see what they did there.

I first saw it on Jen Aniston and loved how simply it transformed her look and perfectly frames her face. Here's a few others I'll be taking with me to the hairdressers. 


  1. Ferne's hair is the best I've ever seen it! A new chop can work wonders for your confidence so I say if you're really feeling a change then go for it!

  2. It's a great look, though I've seen it on some people looking too awkwardly in-betweeny in length, not long, not short. I like it on Jen and Fern, and I'm sure you'll pull it off! :)

  3. I ADORE that hairdo! :) You have lots of great inspiration post, following :) Thanks for your sweet comment!
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤