Monday, 4 April 2011

Style Paparazzi Thirteen

Spring has well and truly sprung, I've even ventured out of the house without a coat on this week! So when I came across this snap of Sunday Girl over at Jills blog, I got excited about all the new spring/summer trends all over again. I don't think I'm brave enough to wear this floral trousers, but gosh doesn't she look fab! I love the muted colours of the outfit, they're just on the right side of colourful without being too in your face. I'm now coveting a lilac shirt!

What's inspiring you this week?


  1. loove her hair! and shoes . amazing look! xoxo

  2. She does look lovely, the colours are so nice and I want the blazer so much! I spent my business lesson today emailing tons of hairdressers asking if they do ombre hair! xx

  3. wow her hair is epic, love this image!