Friday, 25 March 2011

Long live ELLEgirl

I'm definitely an ELLE girl. Way before my subscription to the glossy pages of ELLE, another magazine had my heart. It's little sister in fact. Ellegirl had everything a fashion conscious teenage girl could ask for. It had a good balance of high-fashion, high street bargains mixed with creative and inspiring photography not to mention featuring those oh-so-cool it hurts girls that we wished we could be. It have me a platform to be truly inspired and thinking about it probably gave me the passion for being creative and helped me realise what I wanted to when 'I grew up'. 

I've still got all my old copies as I couldn't bear to throw them away.. much to my mum's dismay! The magazine was way ahead of it's time and I was devastated when it closed in 2005. It helped launch Peaches ahem.. media career - she had an albeit rather boring column each month as well as some early modelling shots from a young Alexa Chung. I loved that they celebrated inspirational girls and showed that it was Ok to be a bit different. Each month had different D.I.Y tips, attainable fashion and beauty and my personal fave... a peek inside some gorgeous bedrooms. Had it still been around today I'd be still reading it each month. Long live ELLE girl... I miss you!

[I've still got this one on my bedroom wall!]


  1. Ooo i loved that mag..i was gutted when it finished!! xx

  2. I love this post so much because I completely feel your pain!!

    I still have the last few issues
    (I adored the one with emma roberts)

    it was such a cute magazine

    it needsneeds neeeds to be relaunched!!!!!

  3. I used to love Elle Girl too, I still have all my old copies somewhere might have to dig them out and reminisce :)

    It's weird because I don't actually like Elle at all (I'm more of a Vogue girl...) so guess I will always be an Elle Girl too!


  4. Awww really cute post! I'm more Elle than Vogue for sure! Hope you visit back :)

  5. Oooh that mag is amazing
    one of my favs
    amazing blog girl
    please visit mine too and follow me if you like
    xoxo natalia

  6. I'd forgotten about Elle Girl! WOnder if I've still got any of my old copies lying around...

  7. I agree with absolutely everything you have said! This magazine was my LIFE. I made sure I bought every issue on the first day of release and I spent hours of my time enchanted by this magazine. The mantra ‘dare to be different’ had me from the off, and each feature, (particularly the DIY ones were always after my own heart)
    I was so jealous when Peaches got her column (we were around the same age) but agree she wasn’t all she was cracked up to be.

    It was and will always be my favourite magazine. And I will never part with my collection of old issues xx

  8. I miss ELLE Girl loads too, it was such a brilliant magazine and I am so gutted they don't make it anymore!!

    R x