Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Domestic Goddess

I've started reading 'The Undomestic Goddess' by Sophie Kinsella, and although thoroughly enjoying it (I'm a huge fan of the Shopaholic series too!) I can't help but to begin to wonder that I am all too similar to the lead character - Samantha.
Ok, so I'm definitley not a high flying lawyer who's recently lost my job, but much like Samantha I struggle to complete even some of the most menial house work tasks. Actually, now I think about it... it's more of case of 'won't do it' rather than 'can't. So after living on my own for three years, you'd think I'd be pretty competent cooking for myself. Wrong. The most complex dish I can rustle up is pasta... oh and some ready made Dolmio. 
So I've set myself the task of cooking meals from scratch.... that means no more jars, and definitely no more micowave meals!
Last night was the the first run, and so I made fajita's. It was pretty easy, and there was even some left over to take to work for my lunch today - so I'm saving money too!
So far so good!
How are you all in the kitchen?

I'll leave you with some food porn....


  1. I totally get what you mean,although i can make my body wait in baking (cakes, puddings...) I can't actually make 'real food' pasta is all i can rustle up but i recently got the Sophie Dahl cook book and I have made it my mission to try and cool meals from scratch, like what you said, no jars or packets etc. I am just starting off with small meals but it is my aim to have a come dine with me style dinner party to show off my new skills, haha!
    It might take a little while longer though!

  2. I love that book and the rest of the Kinsella series! I am rubbish at cooking and am freaking lucky that my other half not only is a great chef but he actually enjoys it! That is my problem I dislike cooking I am incredibly impatient and just feel anxious when cooking! However when I need to I can make cup cakes! That is the only think I can cook and cook well! Except for anythin on toast which is what I survived on my first year of uni!!
    Lovely blog!! Will now follow!
    www.fashionfantasist.blogspot.com xxx

  3. I LOVE cooking! especially baking! I always make my own lunches to take into work too.

  4. haha i've read that book i'm not a domestic godess at all. I'm hoping to get a maid, just kidding. not. I do WANT to improve though, I just find cooking so BORING, all I want to do is eat gosh lol

  5. I know what you mean about never getting round to it. I seem to let it all build up until I have to dedicate like an entire day to doing everything before life descends into complete anarchy.

    Go you on the cooking front though, I'm fine with recipes but that's about it...