Monday, 18 January 2010

Oh Jade

I was very excited about wearing this, not only it is a brand new colour I've yet to try but it's also my namesake... kinda. Inspired by the Chanel Jade colour, I just had to try the mint from Barry M.... it's a dead ringer.
I've never worn anything other than pink, red or black on my nails so green is a bit of a shock - but what a lovely one. My mum said they made me look like a monster, and a customer commented that they scared him. Men...pah. Have any of you taken the plunge and gone for green too?
P.s I'm having a small clearout over on Ebay so be sure to have a look. There's a lovely floral dress from Topshop that needs a good home, as well as some other bargain. So go and take a look....


  1. i brought a simular nail colour the other day :)
    i love it ♥

  2. I have this colour and its great! Makes a change from the pinks I always wear! XO

  3. i got this for christmas from a friend and ive had some really weird comments! haha and when i try to explain the chanel craze i just get funny looks.. xxx

  4. i am rather attempted to go mint-tastic! xx

    ps. love your hair colour!

  5. haha i dont htink you look like a monster pahahaa! love that colour :) xx