Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I have been so bad with my blog, I apologise to all my faithful readers - if there's any of you left.
But after sleepless nights and endless emails, along with hours and hours sat in front of a computer screen (I am now no longer friends with indesign) - we are ready to show you all the baby that has become Cellardoor.
We present to you the Winter Wonderland Issue!
I hope you all love it as much we do, I've posted it here for you to feast you eyes on the beauty and don't forget to email us at sendusyourlove@cellardoormagazine.co.uk and tell us what you think.
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  1. wow I just read your magazine there!
    It is so awesome!
    Really interesting and unique too, well done!
    I am def. gonna give it a shout out on my blog!
    and i'm following it on twitter too!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Very awesome!