Friday, 30 October 2009


Happy Halloween!
This is the first year I'm not doing anything as my Mum's birthday is taking priority that weekend. That means no dressing up in a scary outfit, so instead I have bought a lovely dress and heels from Topshop.
Speaking of lovely things, Charlotte Lucy over at Unicorns has given me an award!
She's so nice and her blog is always full of inspiration, and she posts lots of lovely pages from her amazing sketchbook bursting full of loveliness!
  1. Your hair: Newly cut and freshly dyed. A lovely red colour to be precise.
  2. Your dream from last night: Was scary. I dreamt there was someone coming out of my wardrobe. No cheese before bed again ha!
  3. Your dream/goal: Is probably to be happy. Cheese! But if I would love to make a success of my online magazine, and one day have a nice little office in South Kensington with Amylase and Suzie J.
  4. What are your hobbies: reading all your lovely blogs
  5. What is your fear: My weirdest one has to be driving. The thought of getting behind the wheel of a car makes me feel a bit sick lol
  6. Something you are not: A student. Fully fledged graduate. Ah that sounds scary! I can no longer blame anything on being a student anymore. I'm a actually a grown-up now. Well.....
  7. Where did you grow up: the same place Geri Halliwell did. Yeh, I know you're jealous ha!
  8. Your pets: 1 Dog. Buster, and he's the perfect little companion. I miss his cuddles and of course his snoring.
  9. Your friends: are the best. I wish i didn't live so far from some of them.
  10. Missing someone: Always! He's all I think about. I'm sad lol
I tag Daisy Kate over at Leather, Lace and Studs because she loves Brand New as much as I do!


  1. congrats on the award.
    love your chanel halloween pumpkin!
    thankyou for the comment :)
    i'm thinking about getting these boots from topshop:
    what were the shoes you just bought like?
    what do you think of the boots?

  2. i love the chanel pumpkin :DDDD

  3. Aww thank you so much! You're the best :) You should definatly get that stud body, then you can tell me how to wear it haha! :)
    Are you going to see brand new at wembly in january? I am sooo excited to go :)! I will fill this out as soon as I get some time away from uni work and assignments! thanks for commenting my blog and so sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, uni is sooooo hectic!