Saturday, 19 September 2009

You can't deny you want the happy ending

So I went to see (500) days of summer on this week. I've been so looking forward to this movie. I always liked Joseph Gordon Levitt, oh and of course the stunning Zooey Deschanel.
One of the reasons I was so excited was that Marc Webb has directed the film. Who for those of you that don't know, Webb has directed lots of music videos including my favourite Brand New song - Sic Transit Gloria!
I dragged my lovely boy with me and well lets just sat he was not as excited as I was. This movie is so cute though, not the usual rom com but there is cruel twist to the end so be warned.
The soundtrack is pretty awesome so I suggest you go listen to it. With tracks from Regina Spektor, The Smiths and Wolfmother, oh and Temper Trap! I have it on repeat on spotify at the moment ha!
Oh and my very nice friend Amy is a fan of Zooey, so I think you should nosey on over to her blog and say hi. Like I said she is very nice and she likes writing and pretty pictures :)
While i'm talking about lovely friends you should check out Suzie's blog too. She takes lots of lovely photos so say hello to her too!
Suzie: Aurora


  1. Oh coops you're so nice :) I'm going to see 500 days of summer this wednesday, can't wait! I hope you're alright, i'll go on msn for catch up later xxx

  2. I was hoping to see 500 days of summer, but it was only playing in one theatre around her sadly. love the blog!

  3. Jealous... if only I could have been third wheel with you and your lovely boy... Thanks for the plug btw! xxx

  4. i loved 500 days of summer!! Me and my friends are attempting (attempting being the key word in this sentence) to re-create the scene where he dances in the park...

    But we're slightly failing haha!!
    And i'm listening to the soundtrack right now :) It's so good!