Friday, 28 August 2009

Henry Holland for Wrigley’s Extra

These have just landed on my desk. 
According to Female First:

Henry Holland has lent his designs to chewing gum after creating a new packet for Wrigley's Extra.

Two special edition Extra Big One packs have been designed, taking inspiration from the House of Holland logo, PASSIO FACTIONI" - or passion for fashion. They are available now from  selected WHSmith Travel and Sainsbury’s Local stores, so we can all get a bit of designer action, whatever our budget!

Henry also took inspiration from his world famous and critically acclaimed slogan T-shirts to create the designs for the Extra Big One packs. Henry has drawn on fashion’s favourite pairing, black and white, to add a classic touch to his fun designs and create two packs which perfectly compliment each other.
Henry explains: "Extra is one of the most prominent brands in the UK and it has been fantastic giving the packs a fashion makeover. The designs I’ve created are typical of the House of Holland style with strong graphics and an element of fun, but they also draw on the classic symmetry of black and white."
"The Extra Big One contains 60 pieces of gum and as it’s often kept in the car, at work or shared with friends, why shouldn’t it look as good as the rest of your accessories? Extra is the UK’s favourite chewing gum and I hope the graphic designs I have created enhance the fun element and encourage people to Get Extra Close."


  1. err.. where do you work so you get cool things such as this! x

  2. Oh wow that's so cool, I'm going to sainsburys now! :) I really like your blog, I'm a follower :) I've just seen I'm linked of the side of your page, that's so sweet and so cool! :) Thank you so much!

  3. love the corporate blurb! glad your interning is going well...start mine soon, and am getting ready to embrace the early nights!